About Us

nCentix is a full-service performance improvement company that specializes in incentive and loyalty programs that are designed to motivate your employees, sales force, sales channel partners, and customers to generate desired, measurable, and profitable results.  We combine a deep technological expertise and industry-specific insights into how people impact each other and organizational strategies and processes.  We utilize this insight to deliver solutions that help clients achieve business outcomes with agility, speed and certainty. 

Our team of industry professionals has assisted a wide variety of companies in reaching their most important business objectives.  The partnership we form with each of our clients enables us to better understand strategic objectives then design solutions that harness the untapped human potential.  We help you understand, enable, empower, engage, and motivate all the people who touch your business:  your customers, your channel partners, and your employees.  We bring the full force of our team's abilities to each of your challenges. 

At nCentix, we assist our clients in areas such as:

  • Marketing research 
  • Sales incentives
  • Learning and coaching 
  • Rewards and recognition 
  • Meetings, events and incentive travel  
  • Loyalty marketing

nCentix delivers unprecedented results by aligning people with organizational goals.