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It's time for your March Spring Breakthrough!

You've got 2 easy ways to earn points this month:

  1. For volume....
  2. For advance bonus.....

    For 28 years First Investors has served Auto Dealers across the US. Our objective has been to help you sell more vehicles and retain customers with our programs and service. Our vision has been, and remains to this day, to assist you in every way possible. March is Spring Break Through!

    This month, we have 2 easy ways to earn points. Points you can spend on what you want!

    1.       Achieve your contract monthly minimum goal and receive points:

    a.       Contract  1 up to your minimum earns 10,000 points each

    b.      The next 3 contracts over your minimum earns 15,000 points each

    c.       Contracts 4 or more over your minimum earns 20,000 points each

    2.       Additional Bonus Points are available based on Line 3 Advances below 110% on used cars and 103% on new cars. Bonus points range from 2,500 to as much as 15,000 based on the Line 3 Advances and total contract size

    We appreciate your business and are committed to your long term success by rewarding you, our loyal customers, for something you are already doing; helping more customer buy vehicles and making more money with each transaction. 

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